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Steering to a carbon free future

Your Leading Carbon Project Partner


We are set to launch a unique platform that will play a major role in the carbon market.

With the increase of extreme weather due to the emission of Greenhouse Gases
(GHG), the global community, lead by the United Nations (UN), is taking action to save
the future of humankind.

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Governments are enacting regulations that cap companies’ carbon emissions and penalize companies that exceed their cap, unless they acquire carbon credits to offset their excess admissions.

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Carbon emitting companies around the world are participating in the voluntary carbon market to demonstrate social responsibility and establish a green corporate image with “zero emission” status.

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Organizations around the world are establishing GHG emission reduction projects to benefit the planet and establish marketable (verified) carbon credits for sale in the voluntary carbon market.

Whether companies desire to acquire carbon credits to comply with regulations or establish good will, gCCEx provides an innovative and highly efficient electronic carbon credit exchange marketplace for the listing and trading of regulatory and verified carbon credits.


Market Organization 

According to the World Bank, there are 58 carbon pricing initiatives spanning 46 nations and covering 20.1% of total
global GHG emissions.


Market Opportunity 

The International Monetary Fund found that the implicit global subsidy from undercharging for energy and its environmental costs in
2017 was a staggering $5.2 trillion, or 6.5 percent of world GDP.



About the Market

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Brief background on how the carbon credit started


Explanation on voluntary carbon credits

How the carbon market works

Analyzing the Markets


Mr. Arthur Jesson

Ex- Head of Asia Pacific, US
Investment house, solid experience
in managing multi trading platform
across the globe, motivator for
world famous electronic trading and
settlement system.

Mr. Henry Nakamura

An entrepreneur, years of experience to
manage multinationals and investors of
green projects. 

Mr Chen Kwok Fai

Chairman of one of the China largest
green Investment company, specialize
in green and renewable technologies
and companies.

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