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A Team of True Believers 
​Strive to Make a Difference

Startup Room


Located Around the Globe to Serve 

Mr Koman Fung - Founder, Director of Business Development (Greater China)


Mr. Li Dan - Director of Business Development (Greater China)

Mr. Lang Chen - Director of Business Development (Greater China)

Mr. Michael Chan - Director of  Business Development and Trading Operations


Mr Herman Chu - Director of Business Development (Global)

Mr Chin Kin - General Manager

Ms Au Yuen Yeung - Chief Engineer


​Professional Support 

Mr Arthur Jesson
Ex- Head of Asia Pacific, US Investment house, solid experience in managing multi trading platform across the globe, motivator for world famous electronic trading and settlement system.


Mr David Schnauer  

Legal professional . 40+ years of legal governace experience with MNC

Aad Timmerman
Entrepreneur, CEO of ALT Trading Netherland, 30 years experience in commodity and aviation kerosene trading, chief representative of gCCEx Europe. 

Mr Henry Nakamura
an entrepreneur, years of experience to manage multi-nationals investors of green.

Mr Chen Kwok Fai
China largest green Investment company, specialize in green and renewable
technologies and companies

Mr William Chu, CPA
banker and solid experience in financing and managing investment projects

​Mr Winson Kwong
15+ years of industrial and manufacturing audit and compliance experience , including environmental and safety.

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